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Source: Google images

Lately I’ve been slacking on the blog. I know I’m horrible. I said at the start that this wouldn’t happen but already has! So I’ve decided to tell you what I’ve been doing besides blogging. Firstly the main thing that I’ve been doing. Playing Dota 2 my long time passion that I’m just so obsessed with. If you don’t know what Dota is you can watch this video here. It’s all about teamwork and self knowledge of the game. I myself have almost 1000 hours in the game. And if you do know something about the game here is my DOTABUFF profile for you to enjoy. Secondly I’ve been watching a lot hockey recently. My favorite team is the Montreal Canadians (they are the best). Hockey is this great past time that allows you to relax, grab a beer and have a good time. Anyways I really don’t feel like posting anything more about what I’ve not been doing because in reality… I’ve been lying this whole time. The only reason I’m even making more blog posts is because I’m literally being forced to so I can get a better grade. I thought it would be fun but it is just turning into a chore that is really boring. I cant just sit here and talk about my life for no reason when no one is going to respond. I’ve got way bigger problems that have nothing to do with blogging. Maybe I will just start treating this like a diary.


My week summarized

Source: Google Images (disney)

Source: Google Images (disney)

Hey guys time for my second entry on here. The past week I’ve been doing a lot of school work and also trying to find a job. I’ve also been created several portfolios for next school years classes. In this post I also wanted to get into talking about some of my thoughts (duh). The first time I wanted to get into is Disney movies… and I just cant seem to stand them anymore. I know that the movies are aimed at kids but I also know lots of people my age that still enjoy the movies. The reason I am talking about this is because I am currently taking a Fantasy and Fairy tale elective; now don’t get me wrong I love the class but its taking me back now that we get to watch some of the Disney classics I loved as a child. And now re watching them I’ve started to hate them more and more now that I’ve read the original stories. Even to me this sounds very self absorbed but there is just something about the original stories that has more to it than any Disney movie can ever hope to have. The main movie that made me think of this was Beauty and the Beast (which I both read and watched this past week). While I was watching I couldn’t help but think about just how bored and disconnected I felt; although Be Our Guest is still great it alone could not save the movie for me. Alright thats me done for the day. I’ll most likely make another post tomorrow not so centered around ranting on one subject. I felt like this needed to be talked about encase anyone felt the same as me.

Just like hockey and football: theScore launches new eSports app, will cover games like any other sport

This is very exciting and just means better things are coming for eSports

Financial Post

On Wednesday, Toronto-based media company theScore announced it’s launching a new eSports-focused mobile app and website, set to cover the growing professional gaming industry at the same level it reports on traditional sports.

TheScore’s audience has grown to over 10 million active monthly users and places an emphasis on telling stories in a non-traditional way, focusing on media-rich reporting. The platform’s new content team will consist of 30 editors and its first app, theScore eSports, released on Android today.

“theScore eSports’ news coverage will be spearheaded by a number of seasoned eSports’ writers and editors, including theScore eSports’ senior reporter Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau,” reads a press release about the site’s launch. One of the project’s Supervising Editor editors, Matt Demers, has written for Post Arcade in the past.

ESports is an industry focused on competitive video game playing, as well as watching – often through popular live streaming platform Twitch –…

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Hello… and Welcome!

Source: Google image search New Beginning

Source: Google image search New Beginning

Hello and welcome to the first post on my blog. My name is David Petrella; I am an 18 year old Canadian College student. Creating this blog was given to me as a project that most other people in the class felt was going to become a burden (I on the other hand embraced it). This first post had a lot of thought behind it since I had been fighting over what the blogs main idea should since the task of creating a blog was first given to me be. I finally came to the conclusion that the blog would be centred around my daily life and the things that happen in it. Now I know just how basic and easy that concept sounds but I am determined to make this a fun and enlighten experience. Since this is just my first post I would like to pitch some of the other ideas I had for blogs before coming up with the idea to have a very broad blog on my life on a daily basis. 1) First I was going to make a review blog for video games and movies where I could express my opinions on things of that nature. Than I figured I would start getting very lazy annd not enjoy it as much as the other ideas I had. 2) A food blog! I really liked the idea behind me being a college student and making college student type meals and reviewing them like a was a professional food reviewer. This idea was actually going to be my blog until I decided I could just incorporate it into the current everyday blog. Well after all that typing I feel like thats a nice way to introduce new people to my blog. Thanks for reading and I hope to keep you entertained with future posts. This song is accurate to how I am feeling at this moment, It’s also one of my favourite intro tracks to an album ever.