Where is story telling going?

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google images

With all this talk of new ways to tell stories where is the current world of telling stories going? I think that in the future everything will be told in the very least in an interactive way. People want to be more involved with whats happening on screen and I think its time everyone started noticing. Everyone will be talking about oh what did you decide to do at this point and this point and oh how did it end for you instead of oh did you watch last nights episode? Everything will change no more boring break time discussions everyone will be talking about something different and everyone will have a different experience. With things like Snapchat, Vine and Instagram the possibilities are endless. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future most major shows started implementing digital story telling techniques into there very shows. It would certainly change up the dynamic that everyone is so used to. Well enough of my strange thoughts I’ll be sitting here waiting for the digital revolution of Tv to come were I get to watch old TV purists fight the new wave of TV watchers that want to change the old format. Soon Television wont even be a thing and everything will be on the internet I think. Until then I’ll just be sitting here watching Game of Thrones. Have a goodnight.


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