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In the last year Snapchat has become insanely popular. There are so many things you can do with Snapchat to tell a story. With the added feature of being able to pile snaps on top of each other for everyone on your friends list to see to actually creating interesting story lines through the view of 10 second clips. With so much potential its not insane to think that Snapchat signed a deal that would allow massively popular companies to have there own section on Snapchat so everyone can see their Snapchats. Another cool thing that has been recently added is when ever a popular event is going on around the world it will appear on our contacts list allowing you to add to the popular event if you are taking part in it. Its really cool to think that you can be a part of something so massive just by having a phone with the Snapchat app. Snachat has changed the way people used to see how you can tell a story in such a short amount of time. Being bale to go onto Snapchat when there is nothing else to and seeing people making short stories whether it be comedy, drama or something else there is always people making something to put up online. I think if more things were just as accessible as this more people would be interested in story telling.


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