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In the past there have been so many great horror digital stories. The one I’m thinking of right now was made by Doritos who have a things for making video games to promote them. This game was an interactive horror video game that aloud you to explore a haunted hotel. The whole point of the game was to give you an intense feeling similar to the what the Doritos were supposed to give you. The interesting thing about this game was that it was only available for a limited amount of time just like the chips that were on sale. I think it would have been more successful if they let people play the game longer but for what ever reason they didn’t. The cool thing about this game was that you had full control over everything you got to do. It was intense. Throwing you into a scary hotel and than just at the end you find out that it was all a marketing ploy. But it was good marketing ploy. The fact that at the start they didnt put there name on it at all was one of the coolest part of it all. I think we need more companies doing things like this. Putting out fun, interesting games into the world would market there products to new people and give people a very fun entertaining experience.


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