Jessica (the one true one)

Source: My Photos

Source: My Photos

Jessica my one true love. Oh yeah I never mentioned this before but I actually have a girlfriend and let me tell you… its great. We have been dating for almost 2 years. And its been the greatest 2 years of my adult life. A few days ago it was valentines day. Let me just say that I think I’m the best boyfriend in the world. I went out into the freezing cold to make sure the roses I got were fresh. Than I got her her favorite chocolates. Than the hard part. Waiting. In the morning I got up extra early. Made egg in a hole (the best thing ever). Got candles ready and played her favorite music. It was the best morning I’ve had in a long time. Everything went according to how I had planned. Now I wish we could just have everyday be like that day I just talked about. But unfortunately we don’t live in a fairy tale. Anyway on a completely separate footnote have you ever heard of WatchMojo? It is the best YouTube channel I have found recently. They make the best top 10 videos of all time. Anyway ya thats just the last thing I could think of writing about. Have a good night folks. I had a jolly ol’ time writing this. Now I’m just rambling to get my work count up. I know I’m a sellout you can tell me that later if you want. Now my head just hurts… time for bed.


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